Consumers would typically visit websites of various vape pen manufacturers before purchasing online. This is a good idea if you want to look at their product offerings right away. However, if you would like to know more about the quality of the product, it is better to read through vape pen consumer reports instead. There are reviews from customers which can be found in official websites of the manufacturers, but understand that these feedbacks are obviously biased in nature. Sure they come from real customers as well, but the information may be lacking or these may be from consumers who fortunately have had good experience with using their dry herb vaporizer. If you want to know about the drawbacks as well, it’s always best to check for reviews in online communities. To gain in-depth understanding, it may be worth your time to chat with users of brands that you most consider buying from.

  • Cheaper does not mean a better deal

One great benefit of purchasing vape pens online is that you get to use quality portable vaporizers at discounted prices such as Atmos Raw. However, it is recommended not to choose the ones that are at unbelievably cheap rates. When it comes to vape pens, cheap prices mean substandard quality too. Pick a dry herb vaporizer that is priced reasonably instead. Starter kits at mid-range prices are ideal when you are a beginner. If you are on tight budget, cheaper but quality disposable vaporizers are worth the try.

  • Always stick to top rated consumer favorite brands

Always trust manufacturers who are consistently on top of consumer reports end expert reviews. They are famous for a reason, and not solely because they offer flashier products or cheaper offerings, but mainly due to the fact that they are known to deliver what consumers need and want too.

Manufacturers who have been delivering vaporizer products and accessories since its boom in 2005 are mostly the ones that have quality and affordable offers. Although new companies may have cheap vaporizers for sale with brand new technologies, their sales and customer feedbacks are not enough to make them worth your money. Atmos is the industry leader when it comes to the development and manufacturing of top quality vaporizers. Aside from the superior quality of the materials use on their vape pens, they are priced affordable too.


Rating as the #1 vape pen in the market since 2012, Atmos Raw should be at the top of your list if you are seriously deciding on making a switch from the use of traditional marijuana smoking paraphernalia to revolutionary vaporizers.

Simply put, the Atmos Raw is a highly portable vape pen that primarily handles dry herbs such as cannabis. This device features a ceramic heating chamber at the bottom part of the device. The chamber holds a heating coil and filter that quickly dispenses vapor in less than five seconds. Unlike traditional smoking, the use of the Atmos Raw vaporizer ensures that your dry herbs are only heated at ideal levels- just the right amount of heat to release the best and most aromatic vapor without the unpleasant ash and burning.

Unlike traditional marijuana paraphernalia, Atmos Raw primarily utilizes convection technology. In this manner, the ingredients are processed with heat and air at ideal temperatures so they can release the vital elements minus combustion. Combustion or the burning of ingredients releases that unique and distinct smell that all cannabis strain has. With this in mind, cannabis consumers can now enjoy vaping their favorite bud strain wherever and whenever without having to worry about being detected in public.

This dry herb vaporizer is automatic in nature in that the Atmos Raw automatically turns itself off after holding the button for more than 10 seconds. After the second time you hold the button for 10 more seconds, you can then take a hit. The ten-second safety timeout feature ensures that the glass screen is heated efficiently for a more enjoyable vaping experience.

For less than $200, the Atmos Raw Vaporizer Kit contains the following items:

•           Vaporizer battery

•           Ceramic heating chamber

•           Spring

•           Mesh filter

•           Glass screen

•           Chamber connector

•           Ceramic filter

•           Rubber mouthpiece

•           Cleaning brush tool

•           Wall adapter

•           USB charger

•           Packing tool

•           User manual

There are nothing but excellent reviews about the Atmos Raw portable vaporizer. Even experts agree that it is one of the most easy-to-use, powerful, and cheapest cannabis vaporizer as of late.

If you’ve been following the trend lately when it comes to herbal usage, then you may have heard of how dry herbal vaporizers have become the latest trend. The fact is they do have some advantages that can actually be very useful, depending on your lifestyle. What are herbal vaporizers? You probably have seen them, as herbal vaporizers are seen as a sub-class of vape pens. In fact, some people say that just by doing some modifications, any vape pen can also be an herbal vaporizer. Herbal vaporizers come in two distinct styles. In one, the herbs are in contact with the heating plate, while in the other, the herbs are usually in a container in contact with the heating element. Less smoke, more of the good stuff Vaporizers don’t work in the same way as traditional paraphernalia does. Normally, you would have to essentially burn the herb to get the active ingredients. This would be fine, except that you would also be getting particulates and other materials that are due to the rest of the herb being burned to ashes. With vaporizers, you have the reverse – the vapor is more often than not 90% and higher the active ingredient, with very little of the other particulates. IF you were in a state where it is legal to smoke cannabis, for example, you would have a greater “hit” without having your lungs compromised by the other particles. Compact and perfect for use anywhere Another important factor in using dry herbal vaporizers is that most of them are designed to be compact and portable. This allows you to enjoy your herbal load wherever you are, whenever you feel like it. Mixing and matching Finally, you can also mix and match various herbal loads (though for some of the more powerful ones, you may need to do some research on how much the body can take), so you can have your own unique mix of herbs, for maximum vaporizing pleasure. The next time you enjoy your herbs, do think about using a dry herbal vaporizer – who knows, you may find that you could have a cleaner hit when you do.

The increasing awareness of the dangers of tobacco smoking has led to the development of alternative smoking devices such as e-cigarettes and vape pens. Due to the high level of success in the use of these devices, individuals who have long been looking for a device that can make smoking herbs more portable and convenient have also resorted to the use of herbal vaporizers or vape pens. In order to fully appreciate its functionality as a smoking device, one needs to understand the background on how it works. Here is a short, but comprehensive review on dry herb vaporizers or herbal vaporizers.

Simply put, a vaporizer is a device that primarily functions to vaporize tobacco, cannabis, and herbs for the purpose of inhalation. A vaporizer may also be used in tandem with artificial chemicals that serve as flavoring or as the medium that carries the flavor of the herb or tobacco of choice.

Aside from the important role that it serves as replacement for tobacco smoking, vaporizers are now being used to smoke weed or marijuana. This is primarily due to the mode of use, as vaporizers enable consumers to smoke weed without the distinct smell and appearance of cannabis smoking. Although marijuana smoking is still prohibited in many states, there are already states that have announced their support to smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes. Although smoking weed is fast becoming a mainstream activity these days, it still is a norm and a sign of courtesy to other people to perform smoking in the most discreet means possible. This is where the use of herbal vaporizers come into play. Herbal vaporizers make the smoking experience a more pleasant experience for smokers and non-smokers in two ways:

-          Smokers are not confined to the use of traditional devices such as bongs, pipes, and papers to enjoy weed or their favorite herbal concoctions. Top quality vaporizers such as Atmos Raw Vaporizer promises enjoyable smoking anytime, anywhere.

-          Non-smokers will not be bothered by people using vaporizers as scent from burning paper and weed or the noxious smoke produced by heating marijuana are eliminated altogether. Take note that not everybody is agreeing to the legalization of marijuana, thus it is best to always take extra precaution when smoking herbs outside.

There is no denying that there are significant health risks associated with smoking – after all, regardless of what you smoke, using fire releases carcinogens and other dangerous chemicals that you are inhaling directly into your lungs. If you want to continue to smoke, but are concerned with the health risks associated with combustion smoking methods, vaporizing may be the answer to all of your smoking needs. Here are some of the reasons why vaporizing is considered a healthier marijuana smoking option.

Better for Your Lungs

Healthy Lung From Herbal Vaporizer Use

Even though there is no evidence that smoking cannabis causes lung cancer, it can be damaging to the lungs due to irritants such as tar and carcinogens that are released when it is burned. Vaporizing, however, does not release these agents.

A dry herb vaporizer pen uses a heating element to reach the temperatures necessary for releasing the cannabinoids in marijuana, without the need for using a flame. When the buds are smoked using fire, the flames mix with chemicals in the air and in the rolling paper, which results in the release of tar and carcinogens. A vaporizer eliminates the fire requirement, which effectively eliminates the chemical production, and ensures that you are not inhaling any harmful substances directly into your lung tissues.

More Efficiency

Vaporizing is a much more efficient means of smoking. Numerous studies have found that a vaporizer converts as much as 46% of the THC into the vapor, whereas a joint only utilizes around 26%. This means that you get more benefits from your cannabis using a vaporizer than you do with traditional methods. This means that you will be able to use less dry herb per use, helping you to get the most out of your product. Additionally, it is important to remember that when using flame to smoke, the bud continues to burn even when you are not inhaling it. This waste is also eliminated with the use of a vaporizer.

Vaporizing is Cleaner

Traditional smoking methods require the use of ashtrays, or result in resin build up. Smoking marijuana also releases a strong odor in the air, which permeates your clothing, hair, and even the furniture in your home. Vaporizing, however eliminates all of these issues.

The heating method used by vaporizes means that there are no ashes. Once the cannabis has released all of its compounds in the vapor, you simply throw them away and reload your vaporizer. This means that you no longer need ashtrays or other means of disposing of your roaches.

There is an undeniable odor associated with smoking, and it can be quite strong. While there is still some detectable odor associated with vaporizing, it is not nearly as strong, and it dissipates quickly.

Lack of Side Effects

Vaporizer users have reported that they feel much more clear-headed after smoking than those who use flame. This is believed to be due to the lack of additional chemicals that are seen with traditional smoking.

Some users find it difficult and uncomfortable to take the large, deep inhales required by combustion smoking. Vaporizing also eliminates the need for these large breaths, as this method tends to provide the same effects with only small, shallow breaths.

People choose to use dry herb vaporizer pens and other vaping methods for many reasons, but for many, the healthier smoking is a major factor in their decision. Vaporizing combines discreetness with a cleaner, less offensive, and healthier smoking experience. If you are ready to find a healthier option in smoking, vaporizing is one of the best and most effective methods available.